War 1914 is a turn-based combat game made for GeoJam 2022 and set in World War 1. You can pick between the Allied Powers and the Central Powers, and select between seven different battles. Units and battles are different for each team.

Click on a red marker to start a battle. On your turn, click on an enemy to target and select a move (special moves require waits between uses). Try to kill the enemy soldiers.


War 1914 Windows.zip 18 MB
War 1914 Mac.zip 31 MB
War 1914 linux.zip 19 MB

Install instructions


  1. Download "War 1914 Windows.zip"
  2. Extract files
  3. Run "War 1914.exe"


  1. Download "War 1914 mac.zip"
  2. Unzip or extract
  3. Run "War 1914.app"

You may want to move the app into your Applications folder.


  1. Download "War 1914 linux.zip"
  2. Unzip or extract
  3. Run "War 1914.x86_64"

Or via command line:

  1. Download "War 1914 linux.zip"
  2. Unzip or extract
  3. Open command line
  4. Enter "cd (path to game folder)"
  5. Enter "./War 1918.x86_64"


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Great job on this!  The game is fun and easy to understand.  Changing the action text between sides was a nice touch. I'm curious what the actual battles were like as well, especially since I didn't win many. 

Thanks! The action text isn’t all that changes—each unit has completely different attacks!

I wish I was this busy...I was unaware of the start date to the GeoJam 2022 game jam.