Make the island float! Select different objects, and right-click to place them. Balloons and Rockets can be placed anywhere, but propellers and bubbles must be attached to the island. Try to keep it as high as possible!

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Tags2D, Arcade, Singleplayer


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Hmm i see only a blue sky and an island - nothing to click, no visuals. What am i doing wrong?

There are buttons in the bottom-left. Select them and place them on or around the island. Then click "start"!


those controls are visible only for a short time - they scroll away upwards - after 3 seconds there is nothing left i could click on. sorry, but i can’t play/test this

Once you press "start", the simulation starts and you arent supposed to do anything. Place objects BEFORE you press start. use right-click to place.


Best I managed was 6824. Very cool entry!


Fun and very interesting game!

I even calculated PIXELS so that rockets or balls would normally carry the island!


I like the game! Way better-designed and made faster than my game.

Bridgez by Builders Hut Games for Trijam #179: The 3 hour game jam -


Great game! Well done! The game looks good and plays great!